Penland “Dirty Third” slides through a pandemic

Madison Martin | Broadcast Reporter

Though Baylor is in the middle of a pandemic, another fever students are catching is cabin fever. The third floor of Penland Residence Hall, commonly known as the “dirty third” had some “clean fun” in a viral video that blew up recently.

The Infamous third floor of Penland is up to another year of shenanigans, throwing a dorm party and turning the hallways into an indoor slip and slide.

Shown on both Instagram and Twitter, the video has gained more than 22,000 views since being posted.

After several attempts of contacting residents, CL’s and Student life officials, no formal statement has been given about what happened in the video. In addition to this, Student Life is looking into what happened in the hall and cracking down on students creating a possible COVID-19 hot spot in the dorm.

“This matter is currently under investigation by the University. Baylor is committed to supporting and maintaining COVID-19 prevention and mitigation efforts as well as the resolutions and Executive Orders by the City of Waco, McLennan County, and State of Texas,” Student Life said.