Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on Baylor’s campus

Madison Martin | Broadcast Reporter

From mothers and caregivers to power suit political figures and revolutionary trailblazers, women have surpassed the odds against them and continue to recognize their historical accomplishments by empowering each other on Women’s Equality Day.

Horn Lake, Mich., freshman Alana Cosper shares her reason for celebrating another step in the right direction towards feminism.

“To recognize this day is to emphasize that women have important ideas, and we can have our voices heard and opinions matter,” Cosper said.

With the 2020 Presidential election drawing near, women use this day to acknowledge the power they earned to contribute to economic and political progress in becoming equal in all aspects of American life.

Henrietta junior Jacobi Reynolds, senior editor and photographer at Baylor HER Campus, encourages women to use their vote to shape our nation.

“Being able to vote is what gives us so much more access to the world … to where we’re involved in the laws that are governing us and that we can be put into places of power,” Reynolds said. “I really think that day is what jump-started all of that.”

Others plan to celebrate by admiring the economic, political and social contributions women have made that paved a road of opportunities for generations to come.

Round Rock junior Madison Buddin motivated young women to realize their worth and to never settle for anything less than equal.

“Women are just as equally capable of doing things men can do, if not more. We can carry children; we have that superpower of being moms,” Buddin said. “But I think this day is really important because it signifies that that is a step that we made and we’re only going to keep going further.”