How students stay active during a pandemic

Tim Longoria | Broadcast Reporter

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people everywhere have had to think of different ways to keep up their physical activity. Students around Baylor University’s campus were asked to share their ideas and experiences that helped them stay active while in quarantine.

Interviews conducted around Fountain Mall captured how some students dealt with the recent shutdown and the diminishing sense of no activity.

When asked about her methods of staying in shape, Katy freshman Heidi Valstar said, “I’m not a runner so I’ll do walks … especially with dogs.”

Valstar subtly notes that humans aren’t the only ones that need to get up and move once in a while.

Most people have taken advantage of working out in the privacy of their own homes like San Antonio junior Isabella Garza and her “workouts on her floor.”

Quarantine has given students lots of time to think of new ideas and a renewed sense of appreciation for the great outdoors.

Sunnyvale freshman Luke Griffin sheds light on what good can come from literally using your surroundings.

“Recently I’ve been climbing trees a lot for my cardio and for my upper body strength and doing calisthenics within those trees,” Griffin said.

Usually, when people discuss the way 2020 has gone so far and the effects quarantine has had on them, it is primarily negative. Although these Bears and many others have made the most of the constant uncertainty and are looking forward to the rest of the Fall semester.