Help make the Lariat truly a student newspaper

By Alyssa Foy | Reporter

As the semester comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the growth of our student publication, but also all the potential it still has. To truly be “news for the students by the students,” I believe both the news section and the opinion section of the Lariat needs more student voices to be representative of the student body.

Student publications have the unique ability to publish young writers’ work and allow for a space for everyone to contribute to campus conversations. Further, the more diversity in journalism the stronger the newsroom will be. Having more student contributors will increase readership, improve the quality of the work and add valuable voices and input to ongoing dialogues on campus.

Inevitably, writers’ backgrounds and personal understanding of the world affect their work. What one journalist thinks is a fantastic news story pitch might be a thought that never even crosses another’s mind, and an opinion one writes about might leave another reader feeling completely the opposite.

I don’t want any story to go untold or any opinion to go unshared. If you have ever even slightly considered writing for a student publication, now is the time.

If you have ever clicked on a Morning Buzz email in your inbox and had a story idea that continued to go unwritten, write for the Lariat. If you have ever read an editorial or an opinion piece that you disagreed with, contribute to the Lariat. If you have other talents, like graphic design or photography or social media, work for the Lariat.

After spending the last four months reporting and contributing to the Points of View section, I have learned so much about writing, the editing process and vital interview skills. I would encourage everyone, regardless of major, to put some thoughts on paper and get published.

Everyone on this campus has something to share and has valuable contributions. I hope that you consider using this platform as a way to connect with campus, grow in your writing abilities and improve the quality of our student publications.