Make alone time “me time”

By Phoebe Alwine | Reporter

On a regular day we are all normally rushing to our next class, sitting in traffic, hastily trying to find a parking spot or going to work. But now most of us aren’t doing that. We’ve found ourselves in this time of rest, time of isolation and time of boredom.

While it is easy to sleep until 3 p.m. and binge watch television, we have been given this time of rest to make something out of it. We now have an uncertain amount of time to better ourselves. Whether finding a new hobby, bettering your grades, becoming closer to family or growing your relationship with the Lord, we can all find something productive to spend our time doing.

Psychology Today provides eight options on ways we can be productive during quarantine. Activities like phoning a friend, working out at home, reading five books, spending time with nature and cooking.

Transmission of COVID-19 is extremely easy, making self-isolation essential. There are no more concerts, sporting events and even family gatherings of more than ten people. While boredom can get the best of one’s self, being productive will ultimately help us to better ourselves.

Since we are spending so much time at home, sit and talk with your family. Use this time to become closer with a loved one. Play a game, solve a puzzle or spend time in the backyard with one another.

Since classes are online, we have eliminated the stress of finding parking on campus, being distracted in class and having other obligations from sun up to sun down. With this extra time, use it to get a leg up in your studies.

Finding a new hobby or skill is another way to battle boredom during isolation. The internet is now your oyster, offering thousands of how-to videos and new hobby ideas. Take up painting, embroidery, poetry, baking, yoga, learn origami or learn a new instrument.

If you’re feeling lonely in isolation, talk to Him. The Lord is always there, waiting to listen and ready to help. Use this time of rest to grow your relationship with God. Break open that Bible, listen to an online sermon and take some time out of your day to open your heart to His word. Pray for the essential workers like doctors and nurses, mass transit workers, flight attendants and pilots and construction workers.

This time in the world is uncertain, yet we can be productive in quarantine, finding new and creative ways to stay in touch with each other and the world. Staying busy with new and innovative activities can help to make this isolation not so scary.