Hot Take: Perks of building a bucket list

By Lauren Taylor | Copy Editor

Quarantine isn’t fun. If you are anything like me, staying cooped up in your house has made you feel trapped and limited. One thing that has brought me joy during this difficult time has been building my bucket list.

As I have added new items to my list, it has been such a nostalgic experience for me to look back at all of the goals I have been able to accomplish over the years. Once quarantine is over and we are free to enter back into the world, I fully intend to go back into normal life with enthusiasm and see and do as much as I possibly can.

If you have extra time while in quarantine, and you want to be prepared to make the most of life once this season of life is over, here is why I suggest building your own personal bucket list:

It gets you excited about life

A good place to start when creating a list of what you want to do in life is to figure out what excites you. Some people love nature and want to visit all the state parks while other people love fitness and want to run a marathon or climb a mountain.

Personally, I love to travel, so many of my bucket list items are related to experiences in a variety of places, such as “visit all 50 states” and “see the Great Pyramid of Giza.” It may be years until I am able to accomplish some of these goals, but my excitement and readiness to do so has grown as time has gone on.

Compiling a list of adventurous or interesting activities and adding them to a bucket list can greatly increase your eagerness to get the most out of life!

It organizes and tracks your goals and growth

Bucket lists are great tools for making and organizing goals. You can see which tasks you have accomplished over the years while staying on track for taking on bigger and better things. It is so refreshing to see which fears I have conquered and which life goals I have been able to experience since first creating my list.

Something I enjoy doing is adding ideas that push me out of my comfort zone. One of the reasons I started a bucket list in the first place was to see how many thrilling, yet somewhat terrifying, activities I would be able to accomplish one day. Being able to look back and see how much I have been able to grow has been very inspirational during this time of isolation.

It keeps you active

One of the best parts about having a bucket list is that I am never out of activities to do! If I have a slow week and am starting to feel bored or restless, I can check my bucket list for any ideas of what to do in my area. Even in quarantine, there are many bucket list-worthy activities that don’t involve interacting with lots of other people, such as star-gazing in an area with no light pollution or completing a 10,000 piece puzzle.

Having a bucket list has given me so many opportunities. The amount of impromptu road trips, beautiful scenery and unforgettable adventures I have been a part of are some of the reasons I have been keeping up with it for so long.

We are all trapped at home right now, but there is still a world full of exciting opportunities waiting for the day we can enter back into it. When that day finally comes, it’s important to be ready to appreciate what we have been missing out on.