Truett hosts annual Women in Ministry conference

The Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference is hosted every other year at Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary. When not hosted at Baylor, the conference was hosted at Logsdon School of Theology, which no longer is open. Photo courtesy of Dr. Todd Still.

By Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer

The George W. Truett Theological Seminary will host the annual Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference, titled “Woven Together,” from 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Friday at Truett Seminary.

The Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference is hosted every other year at Baylor and aims to spark discussion among individuals about women in ministry.

Dr. TaNikka Sheppard, president of Baptist Women of North America, will be the keynote speaker and will be speaking at two large group sessions throughout the day.

Sheppard represents over four million women in the United States and Canada in her work at the Baptist Women of North America, and has spoken across North America and in Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany and India.

Sheppard took over the role as president of from Moreen Sharp, now executive director of global work.

“She is an excellent speaker and you are blessed to get her because she is a very busy woman,” Sharp said.

Sheppard’s large group sessions will be followed by a breakout session, a networking lunch and women in ministry discussions. Two more breakout sessions are set to follow this, ending the day with one final large group session.

Topics for the breakout sessions will include subjects such as mental health, expectations of female pastors, social media, co-ministering as a married couple, financial wellness, chaplaincy, conflict resolution and more.

Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski, director of academic services at Truett and Donna Bowman and assistant to the dean at Truett, stated that around 200 individuals are expected to attend the event.

Dr. Todd Still, dean and professor of Christian Scriptures of New Testament at Truett, said many people who have not registered will show up also, making the number of participants as high as 250.

“We hope [attendees] will feel affirmed in their call and that they will feel more equipped to do that which they sense God has grasped them to do,” Still said. “So this is both an equipping event and an encouraging event.”

The event is hosted at Truett Seminary every other year and the seminary coordinates with Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon School of Theology to host on the other years.

However, as Logsdon School of Theology no longer exists, Truett Seminary is discussing the possibly of hosting the event annually.

“We want to be supportive as we’re able,” Still said. “We really do want to, at Baylor Seminary, encourage and equip men and women in their calls, their ministry preparation,” Still said.