Penland wing Wednesday worker opens his own restaurant at Union Hall

Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

A man who calls himself the “Wing Man opened up his restaurant, Wings Of Waco. The restaurant is in downtown’s Union Hall food court. Before opening Wings of Waco he used to serve students wings every Wednesday for lunch and dinner at the Penland dining hall. Now he is spreading his own wings and following his dreams.

“When it comes to having a dream, you have to go out and live it,” said Kemar Harris, Owner and Executive chef for Wings of Waco restaurant. “You can’t just dream about it everyday, you have to take a step forward.”

With over 20 years of being an experienced chef, he has travelled all over the globe cooking many different types of foods. However, he says wings are his calling.

“I want to bring an enjoyable food experience to everyone,” said Harris. “What can I do that everyone loves, that you never get tired of? Me personally, I never get tired of wings so I wanted to bring them to life and bring them to Waco.”

One of Harris’ inspirations was his former job, cooking wings for Baylor students every Wednesday at the Penland dining hall.

“They would do wings on Wednesday and sell out every Wednesday,” said Harris. “That inspired me too to do a wing concept because if it sells out at Baylor it can sell out here in Waco.”

The Penland dinning hall serves over 2,000 servings of wings each Wednesday for lunch and another 1,500 at dinner. Needless to say, wings are a big hit among the students.

“There is something about wings, especially when you get a variety of flavors, that is what I think is most important,” said Randy Sullivan, Penland Dining Hall Food Production Manager. “It’s a finger food, something that everybody loves, chicken. They just dive right into it. It is our best seller here. We tried to take it away and it came back, they wouldn’t let us take it away, so that was pretty awesome. A movement done by students and customers. It’s good to get that feedback and say, ‘Hey! We want the wings.'”

Whether you get your wings from the “Wing Man” himself or the Penland dining hall, you won’t regret it.