Free for now: Campus resources, limited time offer

Hannah Holliday | Cartoonist

As Baylor students, we have the privilege of being part of an institution that provides us with a nearly endless number of resources that can help further both our education and future careers.Are you utilizing as many campus resources as you could be?

It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities. Whether it’s running from class to class, studying or taking part in other extracurricular activities, we have crazy schedules.

Getting caught up in your daily obligations might be holding you back from participating in programs or meeting with people that could help you maximize your success and efficiency as a student.

There are numerous resources available on campus for Baylor students, but many of them are left unused. Use them while you can, because many that are easily available during your college career may be costly or difficult to find after you graduate.

Academic Help and Career Prep

The Paul L. Foster Success Center is home to many services, such as academic support programs and Student Success Initiatives. The Academic Support Programs provide students with free tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction and academic counseling.

Off campus tutoring can range anywhere from $30 to $85 an hour, and mentoring programs and counselors can be hard to find outside of universities and schools. Career counselors typically cost $75 to $150 an hour depending on their specialty and experience.

Take advantage of all the Success Center has to offer, not only to boost your grades, but also to better prepare yourself for the future. You can explore career options as well as get advice from professors and professionals in your field of study.

College Experience Guidance

Baylor’s Student Success Initiatives works to help students with their social, emotional, vocational, spiritual and academic needs. Within this program, students can receive help when adjusting to their new experience at Baylor baes on specific groups they may be a part of. There is the Veteran Education and Transition Services, Transfer Student Success, Pre-Law Program, New Student Experience and the First in Line program for first-generation college students.

If you are a student who is eligible for any of these programs, you are provided with priceless tools and information tailored specifically to you, and are given the opportunity to meet and interact with people who may share similar interests and experiences.

Online Resources and Programs

Baylor University Libraries has a wide range of resources for students, including online databases and digital collections. Use these to help with papers, projects and any other research-based assignments to ensure credible and reliable sources.

Outside of your Baylor access, these databases often require a monetary subscription.

In addition to the online resources Baylor Libraries provides, students are also granted free access to the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, which can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Use your Baylor login to access these programs or go to a library or classroom to use one of the many computers available on campus.

Fitness Facilities

For activities more centered toward health and overall well-being, Baylor has activities offered at the McLane Student Life Center and the Pullin Family Marina. Take a few hours to relax and detach from the stressors that come with college life while staying fit and enjoying the outdoors.

Better known as the SLC, the McLane Student Life Center is home to a fitness center, leisure pool, a climbing rock wall, outdoor basketball and sand volleyball courts, racquetball and squash courts, indoor track and aerobics studio. In addition, the FitWell program offers different workout classes including Zumba, boxing and yoga. All classes are accessible for a semester for $50, whereas fitness courses are typicaly $40 per session. Located conveniently across the street from campus, the Baylor Marina offers equipment to kayak, canoe, sail or paddle on the Brazos River.

Gym memberships can be costly, ranging from $40 to $150, not including additional fitness classes and instruction which can cost anywhere from $25 to $100. Take advantage of all the free equipment and facilities available to you during your college career.

Whether you are working towards better grades, a future job or taking some time to detach from schoolwork, Baylor has an unlimited amount of resources available at your fingertips. Use them while you can!