Education honor society welcomes new members to chapter

Baylor School of Education has officially inducted a select group of students into the Beta Xi chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi education honor society. The chapter provides its' future educators with scholarship and grant opportunities, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Kristen DeHaven | Multimedia Journalist

By Sophie Acebo | Reporter

Baylor School of Education inducted new members into the Beta Xi chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi education honor society Sunday.

Founded in 1929, the Beta Xi chapter seeks to “honor the achievement of educators and promote excellence in education,” as well as “promote excellence in and recognition of outstanding contributions to education.”

The inductees heard a presentation from Dr. Mona Choucair, a senior lecturer in both the education and English departments, in which she used her personal stories and experiences to give advice to the future educators.

Choucair emphasizes the importance of human connection and relationships in teaching. “I don’t teach literature or grammar, I teach students,” Choucair said. “I teach people.”

The inductees also met and heard from the current officers of the Beta Xi chapter.

Waco doctoral student Tracy Harper currently serves as president of Kappa Delta Pi and has been a member since she was an undergraduate student at her alma mater.

“Last year, I served as vice president, and this year I am the president,” Harper said. “I work with the other officers to coordinate events for our chapter.”

One event new members can look forward to is the group’s winter book drive, which is open to anyone who would like to donate through Nov. 18. There are two donation spots in the Marrs McLean Science Building: the curriculum and instruction lobby on the second floor and the learning resources center in the garden level.

The officers are also working on more community service projects and opportunities to work more often with students in local schools.

Events aside, Kappa Delta Pi is an organization that Harper said is impactful and helpful in members’ lives by providing endless opportunities and rewards that extend beyond graduation.

“Last year, Kappa Delta Pi awarded me a scholarship that helped pay for my textbooks and course fees,” Harper said. “Scholarships are very competitive, and I appreciate that Kappa Delta Pi is dedicated to supporting teachers in their educational pursuits.”

In accordance with its mission, Kappa Delta Pi uses these scholarship and achievement awards to further encourage future educators and give them the resources they need to ensure success.

“Kappa Delta Pi honors the teaching profession by recognizing the scholarship and service of future and current teachers,” Harper said. “Often our field is overlooked or devalued, but Kappa Delta Pi seeks to encourage and build up teachers by providing grants and scholarships, professional development opportunities and local chapters that support communities of educators.”

Huntsville doctoral student Brandy Crowley currently serves as vice president of Kappa Delta Pi and has also been provided helpful rewards from the organization as she works towards her career.

“As a graduate student, Kappa Delta Pi provides me with an opportunity to mentor and learn with future teachers while also continuing to improve myself,” Crowley said. “I came to Baylor for the opportunity to work with future educators and this organization provides me with that opportunity outside of the classroom setting.”

Visit Kappa Delta Pi’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for more information and updates on the organization.