Singer-songwriter gives fans peek into personal life, performs album ‘Lover’

Noah Gundersen performs at Common Grounds on Sunday night providing an escape for some Baylor students from the mid-semester blues. Kristen DeHaven | Multimedia Journalist

By KJ Burkley | Reporter

American indie singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen filled Common Grounds with colorful expression Sunday as he performed some popular hits from his recent albums.

Gundersen, a native of Seattle, Wash., has been on a country-wide extended tour the past two months, performing in Kansas City, Los Angeles and Chicago. With the most recent release of his new solo LP “Lover,” fans had the chance to experience music that has a more personal connection to Gundersen.

This was not the first time Gundersen performed in Waco as he performed in previous years at the Pinewood Coffee Bar. It won’t be his last performance in Waco as he said he loved the fan turnout for this year’s concert and at previous ones as well.

Hayden Smith, the Venue manager for Common Grounds, said Gundersen already had Waco on his map for this tour.

“With Noah specifically, his management reached out many months in advance,” said Smith. “This show was booked many months before; But this isn’t Noah’s first time coming here. This is a great place to play, and there is always a great audience for him here.”

Another visit to Common Grounds brought fans from Austin, Dallas and Houston to Waco in order to drink in more of their favorite rising artist.

Gundersen performed a big chunk of his new album “Lover,” including songs such as “Out of Time” and “Watermelon.” One of his songs, “Robin Williams,” is inspired by the life of the famous actor and comedian who tragically ended his life five years ago.

Even in the midst of blaring lights and smoke that filled the airspace of Common Grounds, Gundersen said playing outdoors was quite different for him and his group. Performing outdoors made him feel as if he was at camp, alluding to the typically memorable camp romances and friendships.

After Gundersen’s last performance, the audience roared for an encore; and to their cries of excitement, Gundersen performed “All My Friends” before leaving fans to line up and buy Gundersen T-shirts, CDs and Vinyl.

Despite the audiences’ howl for another song, the show had to go on as Ryan McKenzie, Gundersen’s day to day manager said.

McKenzie said that they pushed to end the tour on a strong note in Waco, a city they absolutely love.

“We have been everywhere, playing in many cities nationwide,” said McKenzie. “But our experience here in Waco has been great. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. We haven’t had a lot of off days to explore much of [the] cities recently, but the Common Grounds cafe is awesome, and the venue here is great, and Waco has always been such a welcoming place for us.”