Baylor hosts grand opening for new flight center

By Nate Smith | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor unveiled new planes and top-of-the-line flight simulators at the grand opening of the Baylor University Flight Center on Monday evening.

Beginning this semester, the Baylor Institute for Air Science is pairing up with Universal Flight Concepts for the flight training school, which is located at Waco Regional Airport.

Travis Lilley, a Texas State Technical College student, had high praise for the facility.

“It’s beautiful,” Lilley said. “The planes are beautiful, the hangar is absolutely stunning and I think everything here is immaculate. I feel like it would represent the school in general at Baylor with how their upkeep is and everything. The way they provide for their students and the way that they keep their facilities is amazing.”

Along with the new flight center came 14 new Tecnam aircrafts and two state-of-the-art Tecnam-specific flight simulators. While the new resources are sure to draw students toward Baylor’s Aviation Sciences program, TSTC student Dillion Daniels said that’s not the only reason he’s drawn toward Baylor.

“It adds more to their program,” Daniels said. “I mean, you get a great name when you say Baylor, and Aviation is a great place to be. With Baylor and aviation put together, it couldn’t get much better than that.”