Shelby Livingstone joins Baylor as assistant volleyball coach

Sheldby Livingstone, the daughter of Dr. Linda Livingstone, was an outside hitter for Rice University, and was named to the C-USA All-American Team. Kristen DeHaven | Multimedia Journalist

By Tyler Bui | Staff Writer

Shelby Livingstone, daughter of Baylor president Dr. Linda Livingstone, has been named the new volunteer assistant coach for Baylor Volleyball.

Livingstone, a recent graduate of Rice University, was an outside hitter for its volleyball team during her five-year career as a student athlete.

“Just a few weeks ago, coaching wasn’t even something I was looking into,” Livingstone said. “But looking back on my own volleyball career at Rice, my coaches were super influential not only on the court but also in my life off the court. Knowing the coaches here at Baylor and how much they pour into the girls made me want to be a part of the team.”

In addition to her position as the volunteer assistant coach, Livingstone is also attending the George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

“I am doing the sports ministry program, so doing something along the lines of sports chaplaincy would be cool,” Livingstone said. “I’m excited — working with the volleyball team is a really good practical application of what I’ll be learning in class.”

Head coach Ryan McGuyre said Livingstone’s recent experience as a student athlete is a benefit for the team, and mentioned her faith as one of her strengths.

“Her trust in the Lord is really evident and when we trust Him, we get to give Him credit for the things He is doing,” McGuyre said. “She brings a strong sense of humility; she is confident in what she is saying but it has never been about her. It has been about how she can serve and help, and the best leaders are the biggest servants.”

Waco senior Braya Hunt is a defensive specialist and setter on the team and said she was ecstatic when Livingstone was announced as the new volunteer assistant coach.

Photo courtesy of Kristen DeHaven

“She is a woman of faith, and she is someone I’d call in any time of need— simply because I know that she is kind and truthful,” Hunt said. “Ever since the Livingstone’s have become a part of the Baylor family, you can feel that they appreciate athletes. We are just really glad to have her as a part of the team—she was a great athlete at Rice, and we know she has a lot of wisdom.”

Livingstone said she enjoys being the president’s daughter and now serving as a coach at Baylor.

“It’s really fun — obviously our family loves Baylor,” Livingstone said. “I loved my time at Rice, but I knew that Baylor is something special and I couldn’t wait to get to Waco. Having the chance to go to school at Baylor and being able to work here is absolutely amazing. I’m just really glad to have this opportunity.”

Reflecting on the team, Livingstone said that she was inspired by the strong sense of faith that the girls share.

“I think the number one thing that stands out is the high standard that they hold themselves to, [especially] in practice where the girls hold each other [accountable] for not cutting any corners,” Livingstone said. “The core faith-based aspect of the team—they really do it the right way and hold each other to a biblical standard as well.”

McGuyre shared his hopes for this upcoming Baylor Volleyball season.

“I expect us to have a strong season with a lot of wins and victories on and off the court,” McGuyre said. “With that in mind, we want to be able to cherish each day so that we can hold onto the things that make it special, the things that we learn and the things that we grow into.”