Freshman cancer survivor shares her testimony on Wednesday’s Chapel

Round Rock freshman Ryllie York shared her testimony at chapel on Monday. York was diagnosed with cancer in her senior year of high school but detailed her journey of faith during that time. Josh Aguirre | Multimedia Editor

By Lexi Donnel | Reporter

Baylor’s Freshman Officers took the stage at chapel on Wednesday, as they lead worship and shared their testimonies to fellow students. The officers were put in charge of running the entire Chapel.

Round Rock freshman Rylie York shared her testimony which included her battle with cancer and trusting God through the process.

“Little did I know that five days after my 18th birthday I would receive news that I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” York said.

While York said the night she received her diagnosis was one of the hardest nights of her life she said it was a God glorifying experience for her.

“A few nights after I was diagnosed, I told a friend that an immediate fire had been lit inside of me. That all of a sudden, all my walls had fallen and that I would give anything to be placed on a crowded street screaming the beauties and the wonders that God performed in my life,” York said.

After her diagnosis, York said she knew she could not give up and she would stay the strong person she was before the diagnosis. She said she decided to put her full trust in God.

“I had decided that from here on out my life was a mission field, that I would spend every day glorifying him with everything I had, with my words, my attitude, my thoughts, and my heart,” York said. “If you wrote me a sermon I would stand up in front of a massive crowd of people and preach it for the world to hear my God is awesome, my God is love, my God is healing, and my God will never leave.”

York made a blog that documents her fight with cancer called Rylie’s Next Chapter. In the blog, she talks about battling cancer while in college, and her experiences with love and support at Baylor and says she is thankful to be part of the Baylor family.

“After experiencing an initial diagnosis of stage four cancer, nine months of chemotherapy, two months of radiation, hundreds of hospital visits, an mid diagnosis relapse, and one bald head later, I stand before you today, to extend myself cancer free with the pure joy of the Lord,” York said.

Anderson, S.C. Anne-Douglas Cousar, one of the officers, was absent from Chapel due to sickness, but she wrote a note that was read to the audience.

“Our God loves you each unconditionally, with open arms and ready for you to move to him. I encourage you all to come together with your fellow students leading Chapel, and reflect on what God has done to your heart this past year,” Douglass said.

To listen to the full Chapel, visit Baylor Spiritual Life’s website.