New campus organization raises money for children in poverty

Baylor's Cure organization is currently raising money to pay for a surgery for someone in an impoverished country. Photo courtesy of Cure.

By Michelle Perez | Reporter

Cure is a nationwide organization that helps fund money for impoverished children across the world. Here at Baylor, the Cure organization is making big steps and saving lives around the globe by fundraising, the group raises awareness and money for surgeries and medication. With their mission, “Healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God,” the organization strives to make a difference and raise enough money to pay for a surgery in full by the end of the semester

With around 30 organizations on campuses in the US, students gather to fundraise money for undeveloped countries to help nonprofit hospitals in need. The money it raises will help train doctors who may be undertrained in surgeries, medications and mission trips. The trips serve to show cure members the lives they have impacted, according to Cypress senior Dareen Habashy, the president of the organization.

Baylor’s Cure was chartered this year and kicked off this semester with their first officer meeting and fundraiser this past week.

Last Monday the organization hosted a successful bake sale to raise money and awareness for the cause. The group decided that “bringing in baked goods to make people feel like their part of the big picture” would help get people excited about their mission, explained Habashy. The organization currently has seven officers and 15 members.

They meet every other Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Baylor Science Building to discuss fundraisers. Each member has the chance to write a letter to a child who is in the hospital and can directly donate to a specific child in need through the website.

“I really love the heart behind the organization. It’s really cool to have an impact on children half way around the world” said Austin freshman Rebecca Proffitt.

She explained that letter writing is one of her favorite parts of their meetings, along with the uplifting environment it has.

“Our goal is to raise money to provide surgeries at the lowest cost,” Habashy said.

Although the organization has fundraisers, their primary resources come from sharing the link and spreading awareness through friends and family. She explained that having officers who are strong Christians that know how to foster a good environment for the club makes her feel like a part of something big, even in a group so small.

In the upcoming weeks, the organization plans to have a Puppy Playtime event on April 25 and a profit share at Fuego on March 21. In the future, they hope to grow in size and spread awareness all around campus.