WacoWork uses coworking space to provide collaborative community

By Kennedy Dendy | Broadcast Reporter

Downtown Waco holds numerous shops, restaurants and historic spots that are unique to the city’s culture. For many locals, finding that perfect space to work can be a challenge. One Waco business known as “WacoWork” provides the community with the opportunity to collaborate and connect in a coworking space.

Caroline Thornton is one of the co-founders and also the community director at WacoWork. She graduated from Baylor in 2016 with a degree in corporate communications, and said she now acts as the “hands and feet” of the daily amenities that WacoWork offers.

“My love for Waco kept me here and then my experience from Baylor really gave me the confidence to know that something like this is needed in this town,” Thornton said. “Baylor gave me the skills to be prepared for learning all that I was going to learn to take on a project like starting a coworking space.”

Despite only being open for seven months, the community at WacoWork is already diverse. From graphic designers to videographers, Thornton said the space is home to people of all ages and industries.

“So we really have a diverse group of people here that get to interact with one another and really become friends in benefit from that,” Thornton said. “You have a ecosystem kind of built-in to where you’re going to go into work everyday.”

WacoWork aims to provide its members with the freedom to collaborate and connect with the space in any way that is possible. There are a variety of membership benefits that include amenities such as private rooms or shared desk spaces.

“We really do we dream of this place being a home for freelancers, for small businesses, or for people that work remotely to be able to come here and have a place with amenities that they wouldn’t have had at home,” Thornton said.

Will Suarez is a Waco native and a member at WacoWork. He said he was instantly sold on the idea of coworking in the space during his first visit.

“I’m a freelance graphic designer,” Suarez said. “I do social media marketing, so I do all of my work and meet with my clients here. I paint here, I work here, so this is my home. It’s not just an office space. It comes with an ecosystem of diverged businesses, so we can help each other out. That’s what I like about it.”

More information about WacoWork and its membership rates can be found on the business’ website.

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