Mass Meeting brings Baylor students together to honor Immortal Ten

By Kennedy Dendy | Broadcast Reporter

One Homecoming tradition stands out among the rest with an important message about the value of life. On Jan. 22, 1927, 10 students were killed in a bus-train accident that would forever hold a special place in the hearts of the Baylor community.

These students’ lives are celebrated annually in a tradition known as Mass Meeting, which took place late Thursday evening in the Ferrell Center. This event provided freshmen with a special ceremony to honor the Immortal Ten.

Lake Jackson junior Sarah Hosack was nominated as a torchbearer for this year’s Mass Meeting gathering. Torchbearers represent their respective classes as as a way to keep this Baylor tradition alive.

“We honor them every year, and they represent the spirit that we want our students to have as they are here at Baylor for their four years,” Hosack said. “I got the email, and I was really excited. I started shaking actually. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s kind of like a dream come true for me, because my mom went to Baylor. So I’ve been dreaming of Baylor my whole life, and so being able to represent my class in this way is just an incredible opportunity.”

Arlington freshman Chris Malone was also one of the four torchbearers and shared his feelings toward this memorable night.

“It’s a really great honor to represent the freshman class, and I’m really excited,” Malone said. “My family has gone to Baylor –– my grandparents, aunts and uncles. So I definitely have deep roots at Baylor, and I really don’t know what emotion is gonna come out but all I know is that I’m excited for it.”

In addition, 10 students were each chosen to represent members of the Immortal Ten during the celebration. The students were assigned one of the Immortal Ten based off a characteristic that they had in common.

“I think I will have a lot of excitement and probably emotion with just hearing the words that are being said as I pass the torch and hearing the Baylor Line,” Hosack said. “I think I’ll be very emotional. I’ll be thinking about all of the things that I’ve got to do while here at Baylor and all of the opportunities that have been given to me.”

Mass Meeting began in 1928, but it has changed over the years. However, the deep meaning of this tradition remains the same.

“I just hope that freshmen how impactful this place can be and how important tradition is,” Hosack said. “Just take every chance you get to pour back into this school and get everything you can out of it, because it’s the best place on Earth.”

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