Bears go green with sustainability project

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

As Baylor grows, so does its consumption and waste. However, the university has compiled a plan that will aid with our growing university.

Smith Getterman, director of sustainability and special projects, helps facilitate Baylor’s going green by managing energy, water and recycling.

“We really think the biggest and easiest thing to do is recycle … we make it super easy to recycle on campus,” Getterman said. “Whether your living on campus or off, it’s just making sure your lights are off, your water is off … just the little things you you don’t really think about make a difference.”

Baylor has more than 700 recycling bins across campus. There are also outdoor containers and blue recycling dumpsters to make recycling as easy as possible for the Baylor community.

Getterman said he and the rest of the sustainability program put together a plan called The Sustainability 2020 Project. This plan contains four goals involving food, waste, energy and water.

Getterman said he encourages Baylor students to look at our environment and consumption with a unique perspective.

“I think we need to start caring for God’s creation as a way to love our neighbor, but ultimately a way to worship and reflect God’s glory to the world around us by showing everyone, ‘Hey, we do about His creation because we do call Him the Creator,'” Getterman said.

To find out more about how you can take part in Baylor’s sustainability program, reach out to Getterman at, visit the program’s website or follow the program on Instagram @osogreen.