Farmers Market Booth of the Week: Just Peachy Waco

Just Peachy Waco owner Crystal Peach smiles for the camera on a cold Saturday at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market. Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Editor

By Meredith Wagner | Arts & Life Editor

Baby bibs, bandanas and stylish ascots are among the items farmers market visitors can purchase in addition to food and drink. Just one year ago, Just Peachy Waco added a little flair and style to the produce offerings of Waco’s cherished local hub.

Just Peachy Waco’s name derives from owner Crystal Peach, whose name is conveniently spelled “just like the rock and the fruit.” Peach brainstormed the idea for Just Peachy Waco about one year ago and only a short time later watched her ideas become reality.

“I was actually at a baby shower and… at the time, was looking for something part time and fun I could do,” Peach said. “Within a month or two, I went from the idea to having the space here.”

Peach said she created the business specifically for the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, seeing that her product is difficult to come by, especially in a city of Waco’s size.

“I don’t think I could have this business anywhere else but Waco,” Peach said. “I know a lot of people don’t have this option. Even people from bigger cities — in Dallas and Austin — they have to do special venues. They don’t have something this regular and consistent to sell at.”


Peach’s products include a plethora of shapes and sizes of patterned scarves that serve various purposes. Peach said she makes functional baby bibs and burp cloths for newborns and infants, but also creates stylish options for fashion-forward adults. Peach’s winter scarves were on display Saturday as the early April temperatures took a sharp turn away from the sun. About 40 degrees, beneath a sky blanketed with dark, looming clouds, frigid passers-by were likely tempted by the thick scarves composed of cotton and linen.

“In the winter, I make infinity scarves and blanket scarves, which I pulled out today because it’s freezing,” Peach said. “In the spring and summer, I make bandana scarves. Most all my fabrics are in the cotton-linen family.”

Peach said the production process is simple and convenient for her to complete at home, which is ideal for her as she cares for her 2- and 4-year-old children. Peach sources her materials from local chain stores and online suppliers, cuts the fabric, hems the edges and adds a customized tag to complete the process. Peach said the efficient “production line” set-up and the ability to get work done at home makes her business both possible and enjoyable.

“I like its flexibility,” Peach said. “It’s helpful throughout the week. I can be at home sewing with my kids.”


Peach said she also enjoys making her product because it’s a unique, creative calling.

“I kind of get some inspiration from Pinterest, and then I kind of just go on my own instincts,” Peach said. “I like creating something that’s cute and something people can’t find often.”

Peach said the combination of the farmers market’s consistency and significant foot traffic makes Waco a perfect place for her business to thrive.

“I appreciate that we have something this substantial for such a small town,” Peach said. “In general, I’m really thankful that we have something like this.”


Meredith Wagner
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