Lariat endorses Allaire, Larson, Simpson

Austin Allaire, Student Body President Candidate Photo credit: Jessica Hubble

For the 2018-19 student government election cycle, The Lariat editorial board chooses to endorse Huxley, Iowa junior Austin Allaire for the position of student body president, Fort Worth junior Elizabeth Larson for the position of internal vice president and San Antonino sophomore Sloane Simpson for the position of external vice president.

Each student running for an office met with the editorial board on Wednesday evening to explain their platforms and to answer questions about their vision for next year’s student government. Based on these interviews, the editorial board is endorsing the candidates who we feel will be most influential in our student government and who will uplift the student body the most.

Student Body President

The Lariat identified Huxley, Iowa junior Austin Allaire as the best candidate for student body president. Allaire has spent time in student government as both a student senator and the director of communications, and offered the most clear vision of his goals for the office. He also serves as a community leader in Martin Residence Hall.

Allaire’s campaign is based on affordability, accountability and accessibility. He said he recognizes the strengths Baylor has in unity and tradition, but believes there is always room to improve.

Among Allaire’s plans for next year is an increase in Counseling Center resources for students, as well as an added Title IX reporting center on this side of the I-35. These ideas resonated particularly with us, as we have supported expansions in both of these departments.

Allaire’s vision is to build a “Baylor that works for everyone on the campus [and] reaches everyone that calls this place home.”

Internal Vice President

Elizabeth Larson, Internal Vice President Candidate Photo credit: Jessica Hubble

For internal vice president, the Lariat endorses the re-election of Fort Worth junior Elizabeth Larson. Although Larson is running unopposed, she has proven herself to be an integral part of Baylor, and has accomplished a great deal in her time as IVP thus far and certainly deserves more time in office.

Larson told the Lariat she views herself as a facilitator, and has had the unique opportunity to work with both students and administration, as the IVP also serves as the president of Student Senate.

Various passions have presented themselves to Larson in the last year, but her main running points include reforming transportation on campus, as well as updating campus security and decreasing food insecurity.

In particular, Larson hopes to provide students who ride the bus to and from Baylor with an awning to protect them from rain or sunlight. Larson said she sees her job as very practical, and hopes to continue serving students in the “right now.”

External Vice President

Sloane Simpson, External Vice President Candidate Photo credit: Jessica Hubble

For the position of external vice president, the Lariat endorses San Antonio sophomore Sloane Simpson. Simpson has served on student government since her freshman year as both secretary/treasurer and director of student organization engagement, and stood out as a detail-oriented and driven candidate.

Simpson said she hopes to integrate the people of Waco more with Baylor students by creating a monthly meeting on campus called “Waco Wednesday’s.” She also hopes to connect students to alumni to benefit the students through mentorship, and the alumni by allowing them to still be involved at Baylor.

Simpson also said one of her goals is to develop an event or conference where the Baylor community can come together and focus “not on what separates everyone, but what makes everyone come together.” Another hope for Simpson is to involve as many voices in student government as possible.