Yoga opportunities in Waco

Omaha, Neb. junior Meredith Wagner practices aerial yoga at The Yoga Bar on Webster Avenue. Wagner has taught aerial yoga for one year. Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Editor

The Waco community is known for its triathlons and cycling clubs, weekly 5K races and its family-friendly Cameron Park alongside the Brazos River. Waco is home to multiple yoga studios and group exercise opportunities for people of all ages.

The yoga community in Waco is full of different types of classes, ages and levels. Throughout the city, yoga studios and yoga bars all strive to make their customers feel happy and healthy.

Searching for a formal setting for yoga enthusiasts to exercise in, director of operations at Yoga Pod, Amy Tarter, said she began her career at Yoga Pod because of the professional opportunities.

“We found we didn’t see any offering of yoga in a professional space. We just saw that need for that professional atmosphere,” Tarter said.

Tarter said students are also able to take yoga classes with the help of a membership specifically created for students.

“There is something for everyone and whether you’re young, doing a “sweat heat and beats” class to something gentle for an injury. There’s literally something for everyone,” Tarter said. “We try and make that economically possible for students to participate, too.”

Tarter said she is thrilled with the opportunities Yoga Pod has created for the Waco community.

“It’s been a happy place to see people love yoga and to love the space and just have a community feel in the space and it’s so amazing,” Tarter said.

The different settings and speeds of yoga offered at Yoga Pod, according to Tarter, are created for people searching for both a yoga studio and a place where they can exercise.

“We saw the need for a different genres and we want to become your gym instead, and not just a yoga studio,” Tarter said.

Yoga across Waco has shared one similar goal: community.

Tarter, an advocate for everyone experiencing yoga at least once in their lives, said she hopes people find their place within yoga community.

“We really tailor to something for anyone whether you are super fit or not at all athletic there is for something for everyone to enjoy,” Tarter said.

Kelsey Stevens, a certified yoga instructor at The Yoga Bar, located near Magnolia Silos in downtown Waco, said she wants the studio to be a place where yoga is practiced without judgment or worry.

“The Yoga Bar is a privately owned studio and we ensure that each student gets a quality connection with their mat and with their instructors,” Stevens said.

Along with the sense of connection, Stevens said she hopes customers feel free and happy during their practice while at The Yoga Pod.

“I would want people to know that the yoga bar is a non-judgment zone and you can make your yoga practice whatever you need/want it to be,” Stevens said.

As well as infrared heated yoga, or commonly known as “hot yoga,” The Yoga Bar is also hoping to add aerial classes; also referred to circus yoga, which will allow the class to include silks.

Stevens said she hopes the opportunity is added, and that the class offers a workout unlike any other yoga class.

“[It’s] a very unique experience and workout that offers a different workout than mat yoga,” Stevens said.

As a certified yoga and aerial instructor, Stevens said she wants everyone who comes to The Yoga Bar to feel ensured of their safety and have the full yoga experience.

“My goal is to ensure safety of every student while providing a mind, body connection with breath and movement,” Stevens said.

Whether someone is searching for a way to strengthen their bodies class or simply wanting to become more flexible, Waco offers a multitude of yoga opportunities for its entire community.