Title IX: Former BU employees subpoenaed

By Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer

Attorneys in the “Jane Doe” lawsuit filed against Baylor University have subpoenaed former police chief Jim Doak and former athletic director Ian McCaw for documents related to accusations in the suit.

Subpoenas for Doak and former Baylor employee Migdalia Holgersson were filed on Wednesday in United States District Court in Waco. Court records show McCaw, former senior associate athletic director Todd Patulski and former Title IX investigator Ian McRary all received similar subpoenas on Jan. 26.

The subpoenas issued to them only required documents, not court appearances, and are common in court. Baylor has also issued these types of subpoenas in the past.

A spokesperson for the university declined to comment on the matter.

McCaw, Patulski and McRary all are now employed at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Doak worked for Baylor for 28 years and retired as police chief in 2014.

Holgersson was a client relationship manager at Baylor, according to a school news release from 2011.

The lawsuit is one of five Baylor is facing over allegations regarding sexual assault claims, some allegedly occurring more than 10 years ago. The subpoenas are for a lawsuit filed by a group of survivors of alleged sexual assaults using the pseudonym “Jane Doe,” represented by attorneys Chad W. Dunn of Houston and Jim R. Dunnam of Waco.

The evidentiary requests are asking Doak and Holgersson for all communications and documents pertaining to claims of sexual assault alleged by a student, faculty or staff member of Baylor and any documents to or from Pepper Hamilton, the law firm that conducted Baylor’s investigation into the alleged sexual assaults. The subpoenas also asked for documents Doak and Holgersson provided to Baylor Law professor Jeremy Counseller, who conducted an internal school investigation concerning Title IX and sexual assault related issues, as well as all documentation regarding their separation from Baylor University, including settlement agreements. The subpoenas served to McCaw, McRary and Petulski also ask for similar documentation.

The subpoenas say Doak and Holgersson have until Feb. 20 to provide the named documents.