Captain Danny sails through streets of Waco on wheels

By Branson Hardcastle | Broadcast Reporter

Waco Pedal Tours opened around Christmas and is already generating interest among the Waco community and tourists alike.

Waco Pedal Tours was co-founded by three friends: Cory Dickman, Jake Cockerill and Daniel Abarca, or “Captain Danny.” They founded the company to provide a unique glimpse into everything Waco has to offer.

Cockerill said the three friends decided to open their pedal tour business in Waco because it was the perfect time.

“I think it was a good time to be in Waco… [Pedal bike tours] are doing really well in nearby communities, and Waco has a booming tourism industry,” Cockerill said. “I think having something additional to do towards the evening time in Waco, once they’ve gone to the silos and done some tourist things here in town, it really provides a fun way to see Waco in a different light…”

The two-hour tour begins outside of Waco Escape Rooms at 711 Washington Ave. and primarily remains downtown. The riders are given the opportunity to visit restaurants, shopping centers, scenic locations and other tourist hotspots during the tour. They offer a variety of options that range from family tours to wine tasting.

Dickman said the tours are for everyone, including both tourists and locals.

“This is a local’s thing, probably even more so, sometimes, than a tourist deal. We really want to engage with the community through Waco Pedal Tours,” Dickman said. “We really want locals to take advantage of this. We are locals that love Waco that want to bring more engagement to the community.”

The bike contraptions include 14 seats, 12 of which have pedals. The riders’ pedaling is what makes the bike accelerate, that is, unless it approaches a hill. There is an electric assist that helps with steeper inclines so that the experience doesn’t tire the riders out. Although the electric assist is available, the riders are the bike’s primary source of power.

The tour itself is a unique experience, but Dickman said it wouldn’t be the same without their tour guide, Captain Danny. Dickman said Waco Pedal Tours tries to make the tour as fun as possible, and Captain Danny plays a big role in that.

“Having Captain Danny makes the tour fun. His personality comes out a lot on this tour and he does a great job of engaging with the customers,” Dickman said. “He is a very big part of the tour itself.”

Captain Danny has worked in the tourism industry for about 13 years and prides himself on giving customers the best experience he can.

“I have experience as a tour guide in Mexico … That has helped me here to give customers a great experience and connect with them on the tour,” Captain Danny said.

Waco Pedal Tours‘ prices range from $35 on Sunday through Wednesday to $45 Thursday through Saturday. Customers can also book a private tour for $350 Sunday through Wednesday and $450 Thursday through Saturday.

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