Students celebrate four-day weekend

Students enjoy their extra day off school studying and hanging out at Common Grounds. Baylee Versteeg | Multimedia Journalist

By Thomas Moran | Staff Writer

Cheers of celebration could be heard across campus late Monday night when an email was sent to the Baylor student population stating that classes were cancelled Tuesday due to potentially hazardous winter conditions.

Classes were not held Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the national holiday commemorating the life of the civil rights activist.

Four-day weekends, cherished among students and professors alike, allow for proactive study and organization, as well as relaxation and mental repose. Only a week into the semester, some students chose the latter while others prepared for the three-day academic week ahead.

Sequim, Wash., junior Katie Stevenson was at the Baylor Men’s basketball game when announcers informed attendees of the cancellation.

“They made an announcement and drug it out,” Stevenson said. “So, I figured class would be cancelled. But I was still very excited when they said the word “closed.” I was almost brought to tears. I was very happy.”

Stevenson kept herself busy during the snow day and, in lieu of the comical lack of snow, even spent some of her day outdoors.

“I went for a run, got some chicken nuggets and pie with a friend, and now I’m just staying warm and knocking out some homework,” Stevenson said.

Charlestown, W.Va., sophomore David Craft, who was on-campus when Baylor publicized the class cancellations, spent the day relaxing and recharging for the short academic week ahead.

“I really didn’t do too much,” Craft said. “I took the opportunity to sleep in and enjoyed the four-day weekend as much as possible. I went to [Raising] Cane’s, watched some Netflix and knocked-out some homework.”

Houston senior Ilse Vielma was on the phone with her boyfriend when she received the email. Vielma enjoyed a late start on her day before heading to Common Grounds with friends and later, to Chuy’s for a birthday celebration.

Like many students, the severe weather forecast prompted Vielma’s hopes of a snow day and consequently nudged her academic duties to the back burner.

“I was really banking on the fact that we wouldn’t have school because I didn’t do any of my homework,” Vielma said.

Whether a hazardous blizzard takes place or as in this case, not a single snowflake falls, class cancellations, no matter the cause, are welcomed and appreciated by many Baylor students.