H-E-B experts share their grocery shopping tips

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Learning to grocery shop can be difficult when you first move into an apartment, especially when it comes to buying produce and meat. Andrew Garcia, produce manager, and Chris Pitts, market manager at H-E-B on Valley Mills Drive, shared their tips on picking items at the grocery store.


Garcia said not to squeeze an avocado to test if it’s ripe.


“Once you’ve squeezed that avocado, when it ripens, it’s going to have a black scar where your thumbprint is,” Garcia said.

Instead, he said to look for one with a shiny, brown skin that is heavy.


Garcia said to look for a cantaloupe completely covered with its natural mesh pattern. He also said to test it by pressing on the blossom end to see if it caves in.


If you have trouble with bananas going bad quickly, Garcia suggests buying some that are only slightly green on the stems and ready to be eaten right away.

Green bananas will be ready to eat in three to four days.

Ground Beef

When choosing ground beef, Pitts said you need to consider what it will be used for.

“If you’re grilling hamburgers, you’ll want something with more fat, like a ground chuck,” he said.

Leaner ground beef would be better for chili and soups, Pitts said.


It is better to pick a lighter colored steak with more marbling, which keeps the steak moist and makes it easier to cook, Pitts said. If you choose a leaner steak, Pitts advised against cooking it too long.

Storing Meat

Buying meat in bulk can be a great way to save cost and time, but Pitts warns consumers to be sure to freeze and store these items properly. The best way to do this is to get all the air out of the bag.

“You can keep it for up to six months in a freezer, as long as it’s sealed properly,” Pitts said.