Baylor missions is preparing fall break trip for Harvey relief

Baylor student working in Baton Rouge, LA during last year's Fall Break Urban Missions Trip. Photo Courtesy of Holly Tate

By Savannah Cooper | Staff Writer

For fall break, Baylor Missions will be taking a group of students to Houston to offer relief to those in need.

Jill Hatcher, project coordinator for Baylor Missions, said she is looking forward to the trip because it’s the start of an ongoing process.

“My hope is that [the trip] will actually plant a seed for future work for us,” Hatcher said. “The recovery from the hurricane’s effects is an ongoing long-term process, so this trip will be that first step toward that direction.”

Coppell sophomore Reid Zaworski, a member of the student leadership team of the student community, engagement and service team, has little experience with mission trips, but won’t let that stop him from going and encourages others to do the same.

“I myself haven’t done a lot of work like this so I may be a little hesitant, but I know this is greater than just me,” Zaworski said. “Everything we do down there will impact a whole other person’s life positively and knowing that everything that we do there will make a difference in someone’s life, that will just push us all further to work harder down there.”

A convoy of minivans will head for South Baptist Church of Houston on the afternoon of Oct. 12.

“We’ll stay in the same place, but we’re going to go out to different places during the day and we’ll come back in the evening and have time for reflection and sharing stories and eating a good meal,” Hatcher said.

For students who are interested, but hesitant to apply, Hatcher encourages them to be open to the quick trip that will leave long lasting impacts on their view.

“I think this will be a great opportunity to take a quick trip down there. We’re not going to put anyone in a place where they’re out of their comfort zone,” Hatcher said. “They may be doing something they’ve never done before but they will have the skills needed to do it. They should not worry about being out of their skill level.”

As a student leader, Zaworski said he is looking for volunteers from all backgrounds who are ready to work and step out from what they know.

“Honestly, we just want each volunteer to be ready and hard working and know that whenever we go down there it will be something probably unlike what people have ever seen,” Zaworski said.

Hatcher said she knows that God will use whatever the group is able to offer and expand it.

“Whatever little bit you have, it’s God’s job to take that and multiply it,” Hatcher said.

The application deadline is Sunday and the trip will run from Oct. 12 to Oct. 15. Interested students should fill out a form, review the trip page and submit an application.