Center for Global Engagement hosts Dr Pepper Hour to inform students about study abroad

Students attend Dr Pepper Hour hosted by the Center for Global Engagement and learn about study abroad opportunities. Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Journalist

By Savannah Cooper | Staff Writer

Dr Pepper Hour is already special week after week, but on Tuesday it went abroad with the Center for Global Engagement hosting the hour. Once a semester there’s a study abroad fair thrown with 30 tables representing all corners of the globe with faculty members and programs representatives eager to answer any and all questions.

With 104 programs, pawprints are placed across the world but at the same time it can be quite overwhelming for some and this hour is to help those students find their first step.

Exchange Program and Study Abroad Advisor Bobby Leis knows the difficulty in the decision making process for students.

“Sometimes it’s hard for students who know they want to go abroad but see that they’re 104 programs and think how do I choose which one’s for me, that’s what we’re here for,” Leis said.

Baylor in St. Andrews, the French department representing programs across France such as Baylor in Paris along with the recently added University of Sydney program with representatives who came from Australia were some of the tables present at the fair.

For the students who weren’t sure of where in the world they wanted to go, a general study abroad information table was present with various members from the global engagement office including Leis available to answer questions.

Study abroad program coordinator Caroline Clark is fairly new to the position and said she is learning with students as well.

Clark suggests that students planning on attending the fair should do some research beforehand, but also be open to what will be presented.

“Do your research before you go, know a little bit about the programs that Baylor has to offer because it’s a lot,” Clark said. “But also be open if you stumble across a program that you didn’t know existed, be open to maybe changing your plan.”

The study abroad office often sees students straying away from traveling because of seemingly multiple barriers, but Clark wants students to know that by making contact with their office such barriers can go away.

“They’re a lot of myths out there and barriers that keep students from studying abroad, but if you start early and start communication with the study abroad office then there’s often a way to break those barriers and make it happen,” Clark said.

Clark said that students interested in studying abroad should read the Center for Global Engagement‘s website to answer any questions they might have and hopefully get them started on planning a trip.

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