UParks, La Salle are dangerous for walkers and bikers

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

The original editorial, “University Parks Drive: safety first, construction later,” was published on Sept. 9.

Compared to the on-campus sidewalk and bike lane system, its S. University Parks Drive counterpart is sorely underdeveloped and, frankly, hazardous.

As a current resident of University Parks apartment, I have frequently walked to and from campus and across that terrifying stretch on La Salle Avenue, which requires pedestrians to cross almost blindly to the median, as their view is obstructed by a cluster of trees.

It would make a world of difference if there was a clearly marked pedestrian walkway from the University Parks Apartments property to the median, and from the median to the farthest sidewalk.

An updated sidewalk system surrounding the area would also be useful and a considerable step up from the half dirt path, half traditional sidewalk that currently makes up the stretch from the apartments down La Salle Avenue. If any change is going to be effected, however, students (University Parks Apartments residents, in particular) are going to have to make their own call to action, and loudly.

– Andie Chilson, a Houston freshman