Students ‘dress to impress’ through JCPenny, CPD event

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor students shopped for workwear with the help of Baylor Career and Professional Development and JCPenny staff at the “Suit Up BU” event.

The event allowed students to talk to professionals and get advice on workplace attire.

“You really need to make sure that you are looking tip-top shape because that’s a reflection of yourself, which will be a future reflection on that company,” said Haley Davis, event and program coordinator for Baylor Career and Professional Development.

Davis said it is important to dress to look and feel your best. She has even gotten dressed up for phone interviews, she said, because she feels her best when she is wearing a great outfit.

Allen sophomore Serena McArthur said the thought of entering the workforce sometimes makes her nervous, but it is important to be confident.

“If you don’t look the part, or look the way you feel, then you aren’t going to feel good about yourself,” McArthur said. “You know, that’s why it’s so important to dress to the part that you want to play in the job industry, because people are looking at you and they are going to be like ‘wow she looks good, she must be confident or really know what she’s doing’.”

Davis said Baylor’s career fair is coming up, so the event was a great chance for students find the perfect outfit to meet recruiters and potential employers.

The store was only open to Baylor students and featured items discounted up to 70 percent.