Baylor Theatre gears up for “Crazy for You”

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor theatre students are hard at work preparing for their upcoming performance of “Crazy for You”.

Whether they are on or off the main stage, Baylor theatre students all have a part to play in preparing for opening night.

“Typically, our production process overall lasts about 20 weeks. Given that the build and design period for the musical happens over the summer, we actually end up extending that a little bit,” said Amanda Lassetter, production manager for Baylor Theatre.

“Crazy for You” involves 100 looks and more than 500 garment pieces, Lassetter said and about 90 students are working on different production elements for the musical.

“’Crazy for You’ is actually a Gershwin musical,” said Aaron Brown, director of “Crazy for You” and Houston graduate student.

Brown said that “Crazy for You” originally opened on Broadway 25 years ago, but the music and script have since been rearranged and updated to make it what it is now.

“We’re excited to be celebrating the 25th anniversary here, at Baylor University with this tap-dancing, musical extravaganza, as I like to think about it,” Brown said.

Undergraduate students are heavily involved in all aspects of the production, he said, and most complete “crew hours” every week.

“I have a huge amount of respect for the undergrads here who are putting their blood, sweat and tears into performing and working backstage,” Brown said.

Tickets for “Crazy for You” go on sale Sept. 12 and can be purchased on the Theatre Arts website. Opening night is Sept. 27.