O’Rourke hosts Waco town hall

Jessica Babb | Broadcast Managing Editor

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke made a campaign stop in Waco yesterday, and community members who attended the town hall voiced their concerns.

“Thats why I’m here – to learn to listen, to understand and to follow what the great people in this community are already doing,” O’Rourke said.

Hundreds of community members filled the John Knox Community Center, and asked O’Rourke about many controversial topics, including planned parenthood, healthcare, student loans and his thoughts on President Donald Trump.

Over the course of the evening, the Democratic congressman emphasized the need for universal healthcare, increased pay and benefits for the military, strengthened medicare and reducing student loan debt to make college more affordable.

O’Rourke also commented on attempts in the Senate to impeach Trump, saying he believed Trump was “unfit to lead.”

Flower Mound junior Peter Mungiguerra attended the event and said he will continue to support the El Paso congressman.

“As a student, I feel he will help all of my friends who are struggling with student loan debt, rising tuition rates and rising housing rates,” Mungiguerra said. “I believe he will provide a more stable future for my family and my children. I think he just actually cares about working people in Texas.”

O’Rourke is currently on a 34-day campaign tour of Texas, challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cuz in the upcoming 2018 election.

Sen. Ted Cruz is also making campaign stops around Texas, and is set to stop in Waco on August 30.