Free farmers market comes to campus

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Today on Fountain Mall was the bi-annual Baylor-Free-Farmers Market.

The Food Insecurity Working Group, in association with the Family of Faith Community Church, has created this event to raise awareness about hunger, nutrition, wellness, and other related issues.

“The goal of this event is to raise awareness of college student hunger and destigmatize the issue on campus,” said Waco graduate student Cara Cliburn Allen.

Baylor may be a “rich”University but there are still students on campus that events like this mean a great deal to.

“The food represents a partnership between Baylor Faculty and staff who are a part of a working group,” said Professor of Education Nathan Alleman.

“I think it is awesome,” said Houston sophomore Amelia Tidwell, “I mean we are all broke college students so it really helps to get some fresh fruits and vegetables that we can cook at home.”

Rev. Ruben Andrade Jr. who is the Senior Pastor at the Family of Faith Worship Center said, “Being alumni from Baylor, I know it is not easy for college students to be able to eat nutritious and healthy meals.

Many students came out to indulge in the 50,000 pounds of produce.

“Our church operates a food pantry and we thought it would be great to come back to the campus to be able to bless the children in our appreciation,” added Rev. Andrade.

The next event will be the Baylor Mobile Food Pantry which is in association with 7th & James Baptist Church, Family of Faith Worship Center, and they are working in coordination with baylor.

The Baylor Mobile Food Pantry will occur once or twice a month and a truck full of fresh fruits and vegetables will be offered to Baylor students, faculty, and staff in the 7th & James parking lot

The next time they will be here on campus is on May 4th so don’t miss out!