Church Under the Bridge celebrates Holy Week in unique ways

Church Under the Bridge will be gathering in the Fisher Cemetery on First Street from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. today. Photo credit: Dayday Wynn

As church communities gather to celebrate and reflect during Holy Week, Waco’s Church Under the Bridge has always been known for celebrating in unique ways.

Jimmy Dorrell, pastor of Church Under the Bridge, said Palm Sunday is his second favorite day to celebrate, following Easter.

“For many, the power of it is the humility of Christ and that you begin Holy Week off with a sense of if God comes in on a donkey, how much more should we be humble for him?” Dorrell said.

The ministry celebrated Palm Sunday by having the congregation lay palm branches on the ground to reflect on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. They also washed each other’s feet and took part in communion.

“Washing one another’s feet is such an unusual thing for most people, but there’s nothing like that sense of servanthood that you get from it,” Dorrell said.

Church Under the Bridge will continue to celebrate Holy Week by gathering together in silence from 5:30 to 6;30 p.m. today at Fisher Cemetery on First Street to reflect on the night of Gethsemane, the suffering of Christ and to receive communion.

“We do it in a cemetery because Jesus suffered. Jesus suffered more than we can imagine and in the midst of a cemetery, people who have lost loved ones suffer,” said Cindy Julian who works part-time for Church Under the Bridge.

Dorrell said modern churches tend to skip the death of Jesus and skip right to the resurrection out of excitement while celebrating Holy Week.

“Growing up in the Protestant tradition, we don’t focus on the suffering of Christ. We want to get to Easter pretty fast because that’s the fun part,” Dorrell said.

However, Dorrell said the Catholic church emphasizes the significance of the death of Christ, which can be helpful during seasons like this.

“The icon of Jesus is more pronounced, and I think that’s something that has become special to be able to remember- the reality of how much Christ went through for us physically, mentally and emotionally,” Dorrell said.

The church will conclude Holy Week with an Easter service, worship, baptisms and a picnic on Sunday at the riverbank of Camp Hope. People who attend are encouraged to bring a dish to contribute to the picnic. The church will provide meats.

“It creates a family atmosphere that’s kind of unique to the bridge because a lot of the folks down there don’t have as much family as other churches,” Dorrell said. “It’s a place to laugh and enjoy one another to celebrate the kingdom. We’re not really a liturgical church , but I think getting out of the box and doing some of the things that make us prepared for the resurrection makes the whole experience so much better.”

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