Jump into new fashion with ‘Closet Hop’

Photo credit: File art

By Caroline Bentley | Reporter

Last week, the new iPhone and Android app, Closet Hop, launched for Baylor women.

Closet Hop is the newest mobile phone app where women of Baylor University can rent and buy clothing from other women at their university.

“[Women] will be able to browse clothing in [their] university’s main feed or by searching within specific categories,” said Richard Welday, Closet Hop developer. “Once you find an item you like, simply select ‘Rent’ or ‘Buy’ and choose the date(s) you need it. You verify a method of payment and chat with the owner to arrange a pickup time.”

If users don’t want to commit to buying a certain item, renting specific clothing items is offered as well, depending on the seller. Having the option to put clothes up for rent or to rent clothes differentiates Closet Hop from websites like Craigslist or Facebook groups like Free & For Sale.

Welday said Closet Hop “allows users to list their own clothing if desired. Simply post a picture of an item that includes the title, price and a category tag. When someone wants to rent or buy your item, you will receive a push notification. [Closet Hop] is a great way for students to make cash without being distracted from social and academic activities.”

The mobile app is free of charge, but women must verify their .edu email to sign up. This security feature serves as a filter for ensuring that all “in-app” activity is only for Baylor University students.

“Closet Hop sounds like a really cool way for Baylor students to make a little bit of extra cash, but also to buy or rent clothing they normally wouldn’t purchase. Girls at Baylor have such different styles, it’d be fun to get to see and possibly share,” said Kilgore junior Morgan London.

Closet Hop provides each user with complimentary renters insurance in the unlikely event that an item is damaged while being rented out. Users can download the mobile app on the app store.

“I use Facebook’s Free & For Sale all the time and it’s been great, but I like how Closet Hop is an actual app and has more security filters than just a Facebook group,” said Longview junior Peyton Baker. “I hope that the app will take off and lots of women here at Baylor use it, it has a lot of great potential.”

The mobile app is now available on the app store to be downloaded, users must have an active .edu account to be accepted within the app.