Love is Wacko

Waco has plenty to offer when it comes to finding fun things to do for Valentine’s Day. The Waco Hippodrome Theatre (pictured), the Silos Food Truck Park and Lover’s Leap are all gems of Waco lovers should look into when picking the perfect date spot. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

Moving from big cities to Waco for college is a big step for some students, and finding new places to explore and eat can be difficult after a few months. On special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, it is especially difficult to find something exciting and new to do. We’ve put together some different places to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend.

DiamondBack’s Waco

Widely known as one of the nicest places to have a dinner, DiamondBack’s Waco is also the nicest restaurant on our list. The low lighting and serene feel make DiamondBack’s a more intimate option for dinner over the weekend or on Valentine’s Day. Showing up in Nike shorts isn’t suggested, so dress up a little and have a nice night out.

The Escape Room

This isn’t a restaurant, but it is a great place to spend a few hours bonding with your significant other. Escape Rooms are built around a story or theme and test players with puzzling clues and mysteries throughout the room. If you want a more fun evening out, or even a place to go with some other couples, this is the place for you.

Silos Food Truck Park

Valentine’s Day weekend is forecasted to be the typical Texan February-sunny and warm. If you haven’t been to The Silos, this is the perfect weekend to take an adventure downtown. eleven food trucks surround the relaxing lawn, with picnic tables covered in flower-lined gazebos and vintage swings. If you want to get some shopping in and taste a few of Waco’s finest, check out the Silos Food Truck Park.

The Waco Hippodrome Theater

The Waco Hippodrome Theater is Waco’s own movie draft house. The two options, enjoying a movie and having dinner or enjoying dinner in the dining room are two uniquely different experiences. The Hippodrome offers an intimate feel with different options to choose from.

Lover’s Leap

Seated high above the Bosque River, Lover’s Leap is a limestone bluff that can begin any weekend on a good note by having a picnic overlooking the river or ending a hike and taking a rest with a view. Lover’s Leap is said to have been the result of late-Victorian romanticism, hence the name.

Waco may be small, but finding a special place to spend Valentine’s Day is not difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting a more intimate feel or to make some memories with a group of people, the variety of options for Valentine’s Day are endless.