Students reflect on Black History Month

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Since 1976, the month of February has been dedicated to remembering African American history and things are just getting started.

Baylor students spoke out on what Black History Month means to them and who they look up to most during this time.

“I feel we celebrate Black History Month because it is a time to show our younger generation and other people what black excellence is in America,” said sophomore Daria Johnson.

“This month is to show far we have come and where we are going,” Johnson said.

“I look up to my dad,” said junior Daniel Agu. “I look up to him because he was an activist to support my education and he supported me all the way.”

“Black History Month to me means the remembrance of what my people have done and what they have gone throughout the history of the United States,” said freshman Joshua Benton.