Students share their thoughts on feminism

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

In light of the series of marches across the country, Baylor students shared their views on feminism in today’s society.

Pace, Fla., sophomore, Katy Mahaffey shared her views on the feminist of today saying she doesn’t think they represent all women.

“They completely pull the victim card, they don’t want to work hard, they don’t want to be strong and I don’t think that is what a women is,” Mahaffey said.

Seagraves, senior, Brent Golden said a lot of men view feminist in the light of being man-haters however he disagrees.

“I think feminism in our generation today looks like people trying to decrease barriers to opportunities, success and representation for women, Golden said.

Anaheim Hills, Calif., junior, Hannah Bogue agrees that feminism isn’t about man hating.

“It is about the social and political equality of the sexes,” Bogue said.

Mahaffey shared her views on what an ideal feminist should be.

“A true feminist is someone that will stand up for these unborn females, that’s strong and that works hard, gets the job done and doesn’t let anyone get in her way,” Mahaffey said.

Bogue said that the Women’s Marches have been so powerful.

“It shows us all that there is other people out there just like us and that no matter how many times in a classroom at your conservative campus that you get shot down, there is somebody else experiencing the exact same thing,” Bogue said.

Although their views on feminism differ Mahaffey, Bogue and Golden all consider themselves a feminist within their own definition of the word.

“I am a feminist and I feel empowered in saying that,” Golden said.