Family of Faith church makes miracles happen through community outreach

The Family of Faith church gives to the community by hosting food drives each Friday and they are located on 2225 Cumberland Ave. Family of Faith is also expecting to open The Family Resource Center on Jan. 10. Photo credit: Courtesy Photo

By Joseph De Mond | Contributor

Pastor Rubén Andrade with his Family of Faith Church tackles the obstacles that a lot of the Waco community face. Through the Family of Faith food drives and community outreaches, Andrade and his team bless anyone in the community.

Each Friday, the church opens its 18-wheeler full of food from Austin for those in the community who could use a blessing. The only criteria to receive food is a photo ID and a signature for records.

Only 11 years after their official chartering, Family of Faith has added another service for the community. The Family Resource Center, which, according to their website is planning to open Jan. 10, will provide a more constant delivery of food, diapers, job training and many other services to the community.

Andrade said between the truck deliveries and the Family Resource Center, they can aid more than 1,000 individuals in the Waco Community, who need their help on a daily basis.

Andrade is proud of the work his church does and said anyone with an open heart to serve can join.

“It’s not about the people,” Andrade said. “It’s about where God planted me. You don’t need a pulpit to spread the word of God.”

Victor Ramos, a 21-year-old youth pastor, is just one of the many people Andrade has served. Victor now leads a youth group of 13-to 18-year-olds who help out as they can with the church projects.

“It’s amazing that we started by delivering by hand, and now we don’t have to do it by hand, — we don’t have to do it by ourselves,” Victor said.

With each community outreach, Andrade is guided by one singular desire.

“I never thought I’d be a pastor. Never did I think the church I’d work with would own an 18-wheeler,” said Pastor Rubén. “We weren’t trying to be anybody,” he said. “We don’t operate as a place for the needy. we are here for those who need a blessing-anyone and everyone.”

He welcomes anyone in the community to join them in service or to receive a blessing of food from their semi-truck.

The church is located on 2225 Cumberland Ave. nestled into the neighborhoods near 25th Street.

The truck is open from 5 to 7 p.m. every Friday, and those who receive are asked to help distribute.