War Dogs Movie Review

Ben Woolley | Reporter

From the director of “The Hangover” movies, Todd Phillips presents “War Dogs.” “War Dogs” is an action-packed comedy about two arms dealers who land a $300 million government contract to supply weapons to U.S. allies in Afghanistan.

“War Dogs” creates an on-screen chemistry between Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, who play the main characters, Efraim Deveroli and David Packouz. Deveroli and Packouz, both in their early 20s, are friends living in Miami Beach during the Iraq War. Deveroli offers Packouz a chance to make big money selling arms internationally. The two exploit a government initiative that allows businesses to bid on U.S. military contracts. They start out small and have some initial sucess, but soon after, they find themselves in too deep when they land a $300 million deal supplying Afghan forces with arms.

I love Jonah Hill and Miles Teller alone, but together, they are hysterical. I was drawn to this movie solely because of them. This movie was a great laugh and was perfect to see with friends. Crude humor throughout this movie gives it the edge it needs to be a real “grownup movie” as some critics call it. I felt that this specific humor gave the edge it needed to appeal to adult audiences.

Guns, guns and more guns. This movie has a good amount of shooting and fighting, even though it is low on blood and gore. Drugs are very prevalent in this movie, and it has very strong language throughout. There are also sexual innuendos and a high overall level of sexual material in this movie, so don’t go see this with momma.

Nevertheless, it’s a great movie. I had high expectations going in, and every bit of those expectations were met. The theater was packed when I went in, and it almost felt like I was watching the movie with 200 of my best friends with the amount of laughter that was shared. It was like laughter created a bond with complete strangers in the dark. Humor and adrenaline carry the plot, and you’re always wondering, “What’s next?” Its action-packed storyline also keeps the film flowing smoothly without bombarding you with fight scenes. Overall, I give this movie two thumbs up and a big grin.