Freshman’s first football game

The McLane Stadium joins in on a loud 'Sic 'em' as the season kicks off to a start. Photo credit: Timothy Hong

By: Shayla Kelley | Reporter

Crowds swarm McLane Stadium. There are children on parents’ shoulders, alumni gathering with their fellow classmates and upper classman rushing to beat the line at the entrance all excited to be able to see some Baylor football. Although this excitement is grand, nothing beats the feeling of a new Baylor Bear’s first football game as a student.

As a freshman, students wear a gold jersey with their graduating year on the back and also the name of their choice. They can choose to run the Baylor Line– an exhilarating sprint across the football field prior to the game.

Houston freshman, Brittany Bowles was all smiles after attending the past game against Northwestern State.

“Finally getting the chance to be a true, official Bear in the crowd was such an incredible experience,” Bowles said. “There was just lots of hype and camaraderie.”

Bowles also ran the Baylor line for the first time.

“There was such a big adrenaline rush sprinting out onto the field. With the roaring crowd and dedicated fans, it was a great feeling continuing to dive into all the traditions as a part of the good ole’ Baylor line,” Bowles said.

Lexie Amrhein, a Scottsburg freshman, said she attended a Baylor football game before going to Baylor for school.

“This time it felt different, because I was able to be a part of the Baylor line and the student section,” Amrhein said.

“The atmosphere when I ran the line was amazing!” Amrhein said. “The stadium is so big and looking up at all the people who came to support Baylor was so cool.”

Although not everyone will choose to run the line, Hannah Schumacher, a Monroe freshman, said that she did not run the line but still managed to have a lot of fun.

“Everyone is rowdy and excited no matter if they are doing good or bad,” Schumacher said.

For many freshmen, attending the first football game as a student is such a thrilling and exciting experience. When their line jerseys are packed away, memories about their first Baylor football game will still stay.