Aloe Blacc performs for the Baylor Traditions Rally

Aloe Blacc, singer/songwriter of the megahit "Wake Me Up," will headline Baylor University's annual Traditions Rally on Thursday, Sept. 1, on Fountain Mall. (Photo by Reid Rolls)

Fountain Mall will be filled with students yelling sic ‘em’s at the top of their lungs and singing along with award winning artist Aloe Blacc on Thursday night, at the Baylor Traditions Rally. This will be a time for the Baylor and Waco communities to join together to celebrate the upcoming football season.

Students can look forward to hearing hit songs, “The Man,” “Wake Me Up,” “I Need a Dollar,” “Candy Man,” and “Live My Life” from the albums “Good Things” and “Lift Your Spirit.”

“One of the songs that I sang, that I wrote with Pharrell is called ‘Love is the Answer’ and that’s the main message.” Blacc said. “It’s about sharing the love and the happiness which you have and spreading it so that other people can feel it and pay it forward. All of us are capable of empathy and empathy is not a bad thing.”

“There is something so moving about Aloe. He seems like such a genuine and humble man who really does want to do good in the world,” Atlanta, Geo. senior Meghan Mitchell said. “I have always wanted to see him in concert, and I’m beyond excited to see him perform on Thursday night right here on Fountain Mall.”

While Blacc’s fan base has grown even more after he wrote the song “Candy Man” for the M&M’s 75th anniversary and TV commercial, Blacc realizes that there is more to life than just being a musician. Blacc continues to be actively involved with the charity Malaria No More, which spreads awareness about malaria and how anyone can contribute to ending the disease within our lifetime.

“As global citizens, everyone has a responsibility to the earth and to the people on it and I believe that when you are fortunate enough to have your health, education and a foreseeable future, it’s important to offer other people a hand up as well,” Blacc said.

Blacc believes that with love, all evils can be cured. He aims to make music that will make people happy so they will be inclined to share love.

“My goal with music… is to touch somebody’s soul with the lyrics or with the melody,” Blacc said. “I really do value my job, what I do and what I am able to bring to the world. I want to offer people something that can make them inspired, motivated and see the good in life.”

Blacc also said that he has about three unreleased rap albums, which he aims to release before the end of the year.