Two students launch company to help ease move-out process for students

As the spring semester comes to a close, Baylor University students will now have the opportunity to take advantage of Campus Crates, a recently-launched moving business.

The business was co-founded in January by Plano sophomore Ryan Snitzer and Boynton Beach, Fla., sophomore Ryan Robinson. Campus Crates is an alternative moving service that caters specifically to Baylor students.

“Moving out sucks,” Snitzer said. “At Baylor they hand it off to you when you are a freshman and then after that, you have to do it by yourself.”

Both Snitzer and Robinson experienced difficulties moving out their freshman year, including not having methods of storing or transferring their belongings.

The pair decided to enter the Baylor New Ventures competition. They administered about 200 student surveys, both online and in person, and found great student interest in accessible moving services.

However, the competition preferred entries that were post-revenue, meaning businesses that had already turned a profit.

That was when the pair decided to realize their business model.

Snitzer and Robinson bounced their idea off of the entrepreneurship program at Baylor and formed a limited liability company over winter break.

After formally launching the business, the duo developed a brand logo and produced a website for customers to use.

Campus Crates began taking clients in January and now has about 65 clients.

Due to the early success of Campus Crates, Snitzer said he expects to expand the business in the fall by having students sign up at the beginning of the semester.

“We’re also going to have options for them to store their stuff for a semester for people who are studying abroad,” Snitzer said.

Snitzer said he would like to expand Campus Crates to other universities like Southern Methodist University and Mary-Hardin Baylor University in the future.

Snitzer and Robinson are the only people on staff, but Snitzer said the business will hire two or three insured and independent contractors to help with moving.

The first move will start May 6 and from that point on, the business will be helping students move out until the end of the month.

Snitzer said what makes his business a great option for Baylor students is that Campus Crates is a “convenient, on-demand, affordable storage alternative.”

“If you do another storage place you have to pack everything up yourself. Not only will we have movers do it for you, we also provide trucks and our pricing is better,” Snitzer said. “Since our target market is Baylor Students we’re meeting them at a level they can pay for. “

One happy customer, Morgan Ruckle, agrees.

Ruckle said she was impressed with the professionalism of the leadership at Campus Crates.

“Sometimes companies like that who get paid by the hour will take as much time as possible, but after telling Ryan how much stuff I had to move, he figured the move time to be on the lower end, instead of higher, which was super appreciated,” Ruckle said.