On the Campaign Trail: Lindsey Bacque for Student Body President


By Jessica Babb
Broadcast Managing Editor
Campaigns for student body president are heating up, and candidates are on the campaign trail.

If elected, Port Barre, Louisiana Junior Lindsey Bacque hopes to create a culture of unity on campus with a three-point plan.

“The first of which is enhancing the Baylor Alumni Network, the second of which is something we have been working a lot on this year is increasing affordability and access for all students and finally that culture of unity on campus,” Bacque said.

This past year, Bacque has been serving as the Student Government Internal Vice President, where she has been working on initiatives to address divisive issues on campus like sexual assault.

“When looking at issues of sexual assault on campus, its important to make sure our leaders first and foremost are educated on what is title nine, what do I do if something like this happens.”

Bacque also had plans to address diversity on campus by working to increasing diversity among faculty members.

Bacque and members of her campaign said they are excited about the future of Baylor and are excited for the upcoming election. Students will be able to cast their vote for student body president, as well as other offices, on April 7 and 8.