ZZZ performs annual Zing

San Antonio freshman John Abiassi dances in Zeta Zigga Zamma’s Zing, a rendition of Sing, performed Tuesday night at the Hippodrome. Photo credit: Penelope Shirey

Members of Zeta Zigga Zamma performed in the third annual Zing, a comical rendition of Sing, at 7 and 9 p.m. Tuesday in the Hippodrome – just two in a series of perfomances that began Sunday night.

The acts were co-hosted by ZZZ president Corinth senior Mitchell Heffington and Conroe junior Lucas McCutchen.

The show sailed through several antics, including a Guerrilla Troupe, a dancing segment with bath towels and a chubby bunny contest. Leading up to the final act, there were several videos made up of a spoof DJ Khaled snapchat story, a dramatic fight between roommates and a version of mean tweets where professors read mean reviews.

Additionally, the co-hosts acted as one person, with the taller of the two reaching through sleeves to serve as the arms of the other.

“My absolute favorite [act] was probably the hands thing. It was close to the final act, but, of all those acts, it was probably my favorite,” said New Mexico sophomore Evan Cross.

The final act of the night consisted of a new rendition of “The Lion King,” where Mufasa met an abrupt end due to gunshots rather than a stampede, and the kingdom was won from evil by a basketball game rather than a fight to the death.

Those in the final act were recently initiated ZZZ members. They were given a theme and ground rules before being given the freedom to plan and choreograph.

The members began practicing in early February and held two-hour practices three days a week. Houston freshman David Deulofeu said the hard work was worth it.

“Rain or shine, we were there at the business garage,” Deulofeu said. “The hours, the sacrifice we made – because some days, we had tests the next day or the day of and we still made it, and we still gave it our all. When I look back at it, and I look back at the performance and the happy faces and the people, honestly, I do think it was worth it. I would do it again, a thousand times.”