Wells Project informs of water crisis

Wells Project members Andrew Juwono, a freshman from Shanghai, China, and Marie Smith, a senior of Denver, Colorado, celebrate World Water Day at Rosenbaum Fountain on Tuesday. The Wells Project of Baylor is a campaign that focuses on increasing awareness and support in providing clean water to the world. Photo credit: Charlene Lee

Students involved with the Wells Project at Baylor raised awareness about the need for clean drinking water around the world through World Water Day on Tuesday.

World Water Day is a day of international observance designed to bring awareness to different countries around the world that still lack clean drinking water. In addition, the day is also designed to celebrate the progress that has been made in providing greater access to clean water.

“World Water Day is a day where we can take time to pause and reflect on the progress that’s been made toward clean water and encourage others to take the next steps to get involved,” said Denver senior Marie Smith.

Student volunteers set up a booth by the Rosenbalm Fountain packed with cookies decorated like the world to attract more attention for the cause. When students stopped by the booth, they were given fliers with information about World Water Day and how college students can make a difference.

“There have been a lot of people who care about the water crisis but just need to know how they can help,” Smith said. “The best thing is to be informed. We want people to know there is a problem in the world and want to do something about it, and if you’re informed, you’re likely to be inspired to make those actions in your community.”

Loomis, Calif., freshman Gracie Edwards said she wasn’t aware of World Water Day at first, but after speaking with members from the Wells Project, she felt more informed on the crisis.

“It’s cool they are doing this to raise awareness because people don’t really know how big of a problem it is that many people don’t have clean water,” Edwards said.

Smith said college students can get involved in many ways, whether that is just staying informed, keeping the Brazos River clean or even donating money to areas in need.

“We just want college students to know they can make a difference and that more people have clean water because of the actions students have made,” Smith said.

The Wells Project is a national organization made up of students advocating for clean water, and students involved in the Baylor chapter are doing just that.

Each year The Wells Project hosts a campaign called “10 Days,” where they encourage students to give up all drinks other than water for 10 days and donate the money they would have spent buying drinks to the Wells Project. The money raised goes toward funding clean water wells in Rwanda.

The Wells Project is currently looking for students interested in helping out with the upcoming “10 Days” campaign, being team leaders and spreading awareness.

Students interested in volunteering should email Marie_Smith@baylor.edu for more imformation.

“We are just trying to get the word out about clean water and encourage others to be thankful for what we have and think about those who don’t have it,” Smith said.

Some organizations, such as Charity Water, are reallocating the resources they would have used to observe World Water Day to help those affected by the recent terror attacks in Brussels.