Students arrested on break

Baylor running back and Burkburnett senior Devin Chafin was suspended from the football team after being arrested on marijuana possession charges at 8:05 a.m Friday in Oklahoma.

Chafin was traveling with Madill, Okla., senior Jennifer Kerr. The two were stopped 13 miles west of Grandfield, Okla.,on Highway 70 in Tillman County, according to a Facebook post by Tillman County sheriff. The County Sheriff, Bobby Whittington, stopped the car for speeding and found marijuana.

“We are deeply concerned of the conduct of these individuals. Although marijuana is legal in Colorado, it isn’t in Oklahoma,” said the post. “Also, the marijuana candy looks like any hard candy you could purchase in any store. We sure would hate to see a small child ingest this candy that has a high THC content!”

The Facebook post also included photos of the marijuana and marijuana candy that was seized.

According to the post, the marijuana and marijuana candy was purchased in Colorado, where it is legal. It is illegal to take marijuana from Colorado across state lines though. Marijuana is only legal for medicinal use in Oklahoma.

Chafin and Kerr both posted bond and were released.

“Coach [Art] Briles has suspended Devin from the team and we are continuing to gather more information about the incident,” said Nicholas Joos, Baylor’s executive associate athletic director for external affairs.

In the 2015 football season Chafin had 578 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. He has played for Baylor the past three seasons.