Baylor provides more for its students even after the games

By Ella Kimberly, Reporter

Baylor’s Department of Student Activities holds 5th Quarter immediately following every home football game. 5th Quarter provides an inviting atmosphere with entertainment and activities for students and families to participate in on campus. The feeling of community within Baylor does not end after the game does.

Since football came to campus last fall, Student Activities has attempted to increase engagement around football games. Student Activities organizes tailgating before and during the game for various student organizations and continues their engagement with 5th Quarter after the game.

5th Quarter has intriguing programs for students and alumni families. The event is always free and Student Activities provides free food for attendees to enjoy.

“The goal is to provide a safe, community environment and always provide something for free. So we recognize that students afterwards are hungry and, sure, they can go across the street, but we want them to hang out with us,” said Jordy Dickey, assistant director of the student union.

The events that they have had in past included roller skating in the Barfield Drawing Room in the Bill Daniel Student Center, having inflatables in Fountain Mall and bubble soccer also in Fountain Mall, to name a few.

5th Quarter intends to keep the joy going from football games and tries to carry the excitement onto a different part of campus.

“When students are coming back and alumni are wandering through campus, we want it to be alive and fun, not just a dark campus,” said director of student activities Matt Burchett.

With the positive feedback from 5th Quarter attendees in their first year, Student Activities has used that enthusiasm to create a bigger event and make sure it is more known across campus.

“We are really excited because the first response in the first year was really well received, so we this as a year to build off of that and provide greater experiences for students to connect after the game,” Dickey said.

One problem they are facing is that people think the event is only for freshmen. It does actually include all students and alumni. The turn out is typically between 1,000 and 2,000 students, depending on the event that is happening.

“People really enjoy concerts,” Dickey said. “So last year we teamed together with Uproar Records and we did the Feel Good Fest with Judah and the Lion. We are looking to bring a well-known artist that is up-and-coming and provide a concert venue after the game, and that has been well received by students.”

Student activities is looking to combine with other student organizations to bring even more fun after the football game.

“In this next year, as we continue to grow, we want to look for different organizations to partner with,” Dickey said.