Real life “Hitch” ready to return to Baylor

By Rebecca Wrobleske

The real life Hitch is coming to Baylor. David Coleman, also known as The Dating Doctor, uses his talent as a public speaker in ways that directly relate to college students. Traveling from one venue to another, Coleman will be speaking at Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual event at 7 p.m. tonight at Waco Hall.

Coleman discusses every part of a relationship. He uses his own experiences and research and observation to give applicable advice to those in a relationship, going through a break up, single or seeking a relationship.

“College students are at the perfect age to hear what I have to say and make decisions whether or not to activate the things I talk about in their life,” Coleman said, “I talk about healthy relationships, I’ll talk about mutual consent, I’ll talk about how to have safe words, I’ll talk about how to know if someones right for you, how to know if you’re in a healthy or unhealthy relationship.”

In this year’s show Coleman will add into his show a discussion about Title IX. Title IX deals with sexually inappropriate conduct such as sexual assault, sexual violence and sexual harassment. This ties into Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy which is domestic violence awareness.

“We thought it would make a lot of since for David to come together with Title IX and incorporate our philanthropy,” Lorena senior Lauren Marteney said.

The Dating Doctor said that students don’t need to worry if they have attended his presentation before. There are certain popular topics he always talks about, but he also adds different topics to keep the show fresh.

Coleman knows the ins and outs of the dating world. He mentioned that the time around Thanksgiving is a big break-up period.

“They kind of get to one-third of the year and go ‘do I want to do this, do I not want to do this, do I want to be in a long distance relationship, do not want to be in one,’… so I’m going to help people through that,” Coleman said.

This show speaks to every kind of relationship for every kind of situation that will be sitting among the audience.

“I mean I don’t feel like it’s one of those events where you have to have a boyfriend or something to get something out of it,” San Antonio senior Corinne Bruton said. “It’s different every year, because where you are in your relationships will differ every year… you’ll look at it in a completely different way.”

Coleman has something for the Baylor students looking for that special someone in pursuit of that ring by spring but don’t know where to start. He will help you develop strategies to meet each other and if you approve, start to date each other.

“I’m trying to do the things that will help a college like Baylor at this time of year,” Coleman said.

Coleman is a well known speaker who knows his audience. He is well educated on the topics he speaks of and has helped hundreds of college students get their questions answered each year here at Baylor. He captivates his audience and is able to convey his message clearly.

McGrath said that The Dating Doctor has an interactive activity at the end of his show in which each person in the audience will write down their personal preferences in a significant other and then he will explain what that means about themselves.

“David is knowledgeable, he’s a pretty affective presenter. He gets the messages across well,” Coppell junior Jared Wiegand said.

Coleman has a unique way of getting his audience to participate. If anyone stands up and asks a question or shares a story, Coleman will reward them be tossing a piece of candy to them from stage.

“He says candy is an aphrodisiac,” Bigelow, Ark., junior Paul McGrath said.

The Dating Doctor is looking forward to his show at Baylor. Coleman described Baylor as a speakers utopia and the campus and facilities as second to none.

“Baylor students are so receptive and so engaging…they are really really down to earth, they are very bright, they are very humble and I believe that if they hear things that they believe are true and that would work in their life, that they will put them into action in their life and that’s why I like speaking there,” Coleman said.