Hippodrome, Student Activities welcome students for new film series

The Waco Hippodrome and Student Activities are teaming up to bring a free movie series to Baylor students. The series will focus on independent films and documentaries. Photo credit: Rebecca Flannery

By Helena Hunt, Staff Writer

A new documentary and independent film series for students and locals will begin next Monday at the Hippodrome.

The series, called Movie Mondays at the Hippodrome, will showcase films that students may not have an opportunity to view at local multiplexes. The series is a result of a collaboration between the theater and Baylor’s Student Activities.

“We see a gap, that independent and documentary films aren’t being shown in Waco, there’s no theater that will do that. The Hippodrome opened up a year ago, and they have the luxury of being independent so we’re not as privy to some of the challenges that for-profit theaters like Cinemark have,” said Matt Burchett, director of Student Activities.


The Hippodrome will show documentary and independent films that shine a light on issues and questions that are important to students. Next Monday’s film, “Poverty, Inc.,” spotlights the industry that charitable groups have become a part of.

The film features over 200 interviews that analyze the impact charitable groups have on the people they are trying to help.

“We want our students to be exposed to great film, great art,” Burchett said.

Admission to the films will be free, although students must pick up a ticket from the Bill Daniel Student Center ticket office before arriving at the movie at 7 p.m.


A full calendar of films has not yet been finalized, although “SlingShot,” which turns the lens on eccentric Segway inventor Dean Kamen, will screen on Sept. 28.

Although the series represents a direct collaboration between Baylor and the city of Waco, this is not the first time the theater has dedicated one of its screens to students.

Since its opening last November, the Hippodrome has opened its doors to student groups like sororities and fraternities. On Saturday the theater will also host an event for Family Weekend.

“Our owners are alumni and we’re associated with a lot of things Baylor does,” said Vanessa Reyes, marketing manager for the Hippodrome. “Everything that we do with Baylor is great.”

Burchett sees this series, and the university’s ongoing relationship with the Hippodrome, as a way to bring Waco and Baylor together.

“I think we have a heart for utilizing our access and resources to be in the city or with the city on these initiatives,” Burchett said. “They have a venue, we have the access, you put those two pieces together and you’re in a great position to be successful.”