New LLC connects all majors

Sophmores Abbigail Lawley from Aledo, Megan Allen from Dallas, Caroline Klingenberg from Aledo and Chijindu Diokpa from Huntsville enjoy "club So-Ro." Club So Ro is what residents call the basment.

By Stephanie Reyes, Staff Writer

The Education Living-Learning Center, which is located at South Russell Residence Hall, is a new living option for students and is open to all majors and disciplines.

The Education LLC’s mission is to provide the opportunity for future educators to live together in community and grow personally and professionally as they develop a love of learning and service through teaching others.

Erin Stamile, program director of the Education LLC said the Education LLC, is not only a place where students live, but it is a place of growth for students while they are at Baylor.

“Our goal is to create an opportunity that really bring stogether every area of their own development, every area that they want to grow in at Baylor and bring it all together in one central place, so they can learn and grow and develop,” Stamile said.

The LLC has these state-of-the-art technology and teaching resources through its private LLC learning resource express, which is a branch of the School of Education’s Learning and Resource Center and Media Center.

The Education LLC has various forms of technology for residents to use, which include a 3D printer, color printers, di-cut machines, laminating machines, and a state-of-the-art scanner and computers that are available for use from 7 a.m. to midnight every day.

“I think our niche here at Baylor is that we offer state-of-the-art technology, so we provide resources for students to connect to their learning to what they are going to be doing in a classroom or in whatever professional field they are,” Stamile said.

The Education LLC has over 18 faculty members and staff members from the School of Education. In addition, they have 11 different student mentors who are upperclassmen from all different majors.

“We have mentors that are there to walk students through their first year and help them be successful whether its personally, professionally, spiritually, or academically serve as a resource and guide for them to get through that first year,” Stamile said.

In addition, to having student mentors and faculty involvement, there are also various activities planned for residents to participate throughout the academic school year.

These activities include activities that connect students to Waco, Baylor, faculty, the Education LLC, and South Russell.

“We have a lot of support both financially and personally from the School of Education and they believe in this program and want to see it succeed, they want to see their students succeed,” Stamile said.

Center freshman Elizabeth Chadwick said living at the Education LLC has been a great living option for her as she transitions to living on campus as a student at Baylor.

“It’s a great experience to meet new people but also if you are really interested in being a teacher and love for kids, then here is an amazing,” Chadwick said.

Dallas sophomore Megan Allen said there are many opportunities for students to meet faculty and that is one of the amazing things.

“We have awesome community spaces and we really plug you into education type events,” Allen said.

El Paso junior Julio Ramirez said the technology at the Education LLC is top notch compared to other on campus living options for students.

“We’re one of the few residence halls that do actually have a conference room and a classroom also available to them, so that really does help out a lot,” Ramirez said.